Down the Rabbit Hole

DGF_2152So it was just Easter and Spring Break.  I hibernated a little bit. I felt bad not posting, but I didn’t really feel like I had much new to say. I have been stuck lately. I am trying to do some much needed spring cleaning, both mentally and physically, but having a hard time.  I am overwhelmed by the things that surround me, yet I can’t get rid of them.  It is a tricky dichotomy I have found myself caught in. I want to be free of all the ‘stuff,’ but I can’t go through with it and just let go.

I need to clean my office, then I sit down at my desk and my computer beckons, and I can’t account for the last few minutes. One thing I search for leads to another and another and then what do I have to show for myself?  I am driven by a need for productivity. I like to think I am researching for my writing, but it feels more like wasting time.  Facebook and other social media sites are just an endless stream of data. What dribbles out of our ears and lands on the page. Some of it is helpful, some of it documents what we are doing or seeing. I love watching people’s kids grow up and seeing what everyone else is up to.  But then there are so many heartbreaking stories and things happening to good people who don’t deserve them. There is also that urge to compare myself to others, to go for a walk in their shoes. There is also just such a sheer volume of information and articles to read, that it is just not possible to catch it all. I need to disconnect, yet I yearn to connect.




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