Too Many Tabs

DGF_3883I have too many tabs open. There is a thunderstorm brewing in my iCloud. My computer has been operating at the speed of slow.  It is utterly frustrating. I have let it slide for too long.  About six months to be exact.  I had HUNDREDS of tabs open.  It is kind of shocking and embarrassing. I am a tab hoarder. I have a problem.  There, I have admitted it.  I have multiple devices too.  Two iPads, an iPhone and an iMac. It has all gotten bigger than me. Unmanageable.  I am also struggling under the weight of my photo collection.  It is a metaphor for my mind and my life lately. It is no wonder I am living a split screen existence. With all these programs open and constantly running, it is a huge drain on my energy. Is it possible to go low-tech in such a high-tech world? How many tabs do you keep open?



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