Try Something New, or Tried and True


We are hard wired to form opinions. We are asked for them everywhere we go. We are polled and surveyed, taste-tested and liked.

I am taking a photography class at Longwood Gardens. It is a four week chance to shoot in the Conservatory without the general public milling around. It is after hours and it gets dark. This makes for a very challenging environment. But it also makes for a unique set of opportunities that aren’t usually available.  We have to submit an image to be critiqued by our instructor and the rest of the class. We had a discussion last night about rules. We need rules and structure to prevent chaos and maintain order. But rules are made to be broken. Sometimes you have to go with what moves you.

I try to tell the truth and follow the rules and be good…but where does it get you? Especially when you look around and see others breaking them and getting away with it.

We need to try new things. But old habits die hard. I go back to the same places and take the same pictures and focus on the same things. I order the same food. We revert to comfort and predictability. We tell ourselves the same things over and over.

If we have a good experience, we go back for more and try to repeat it. Not everything can be the best ever. What do you think? Try something new or tried and true?



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